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WorkingFree is a specialist career advisory business supporting senior Director-level executives coming off the permanent payroll into an independent working lifestyle.

Through our Pathfinder Programme, we work for organisations with their senior executives. We coach them from dependency into independency – for their own future; for the enlightened reputation of their sponsoring company and – increasingly – for the benefit of the community. The process of delivering “social good” is important for all.

What makes the Pathfinder Programme special?


  • This unique Programme is for those at a crossroads in their career and faced with deciding what to do next. More of the same?  Do something different?  What does that mean? Whatever it does mean, operating on an independent basis is likely to be a big part of those next steps – doing their own things; develop portfolio careers; reshaping lifestyles around changing circumstances. Some simply fancy the idea.  Some want to keep working.  Some need to keep earning.


  • A useful observation of the Pathfinder Programme and when comparing it with other outplacement/ career development programmes is that it is a fusion of the DIY approach and external tuition with the interactive website constituting the strong DIY element. A lot of the work is DIY and with professional interventions at appropriate junctures. The cost is lower and the commitment is, arguably, higher


Positioning the Pathfinder Programme.

The Pathfinder Programme is specifically designed for each corporate client and within that are Products carefully selected for each individual. The Programme is not intended to replace current career development or outplacement arrangements – they are designed to be supplementary; to fill gaps that most established Providers do not focus on and to open up new opportunities for both the executives and the sponsoring companies through operating as Independents.

The Pathfinder Programme in action

The Programme consists of Modules (Independent Careers and Support Topics) and each Programme is individually designed to suit the aspirations of clients and, importantly, of the attendees around which each Module is carefully chosen.  Most individuals pick and choose which ones they want to attend – but we do recommend that they should always include the Career Direction MasterClass as their first one.   This should put the whole process of re-orientating their career as an Independent into perspective.

What is this market?

The Working Free business model is based on the Self Drive Worker Concept – and the market that flows from this – and which is set out in this website.

ONS statistics report that out of the UK working Population of 33m, (as at the end of June 2020 ……………..  now changing.)  only 55% are FTEs – (full-time Employees – nothing more and nothing less.)  This means that 45% is something else.  Working Free describes these people as Self Drive Workers – and offers calculations to support this split. Others may see this differently.  But, beyond doubt, the number of people now operating independently – in a variety of ways – is very large.

What makes the Working Free Pathfinder Programme unique?

Our unique approach is based on our interactive and comprehensive working website which covers, in a structured way, the planned programme of effective support to the overall client base. In theory, the executives we work with can do it all themselves; in practice they need support.  In real life, they will be on their own.  So they need to be self-sufficient. Our working world is going this way. This website is primarily aimed at individuals who want to swap Dependence for Independence.


The overall Programme Delivery Plan is agreed at the outset and fees are charged for Modules  Cohort Seminars with Corporates for groups or individuals and also for follow up Technical Topic sessions.

Scheduling and Planning the work

Effective scheduling of Programmes needs some care.  All the projects will be different as:-

  • Numbers attending – ideal numbers 5 to 15
  • There will be a mix of topics to arrange at any one time – matching attendees, venues and Delivery Partners.
  • Mix of people – but need to be senior
  • Individual needs to be catered for.
  • Timings – Each module lasts for about hours
  • Venues (ought to be clients’ premises. But much is now online.)

If your organisation would like to know more or have an exploratory Discussion, please email us at [email protected]

Paradoxically, we are all Independent Workers in the end!

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Exchange your precious knowhow and experience with others as a Support Topics Contributor


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