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WorkingFree is a specialist career advisory business supporting senior Director-level executives coming off the permanent payroll into an independent working lifestyle.

Through our Pathfinder Programme, we work for organisations with their senior executives. We coach them from dependency into independency – for their own future; for the enlightened reputation of their sponsoring company and – increasingly – for the benefit of the community. The process of delivering “social good” is important for all.

What makes the Working Free Pathfinder Programme unique?

Our unique approach is based on our interactive and comprehensive working website which covers, in a structured way, the planned programme of effective support to the overall client base. In theory, the executives we work with can do it all themselves; in practice they need support.  In real life, they will be on their own.  So they need to be self-sufficient. Our working world is going this way. This website is primarily aimed at individuals who want to swap Dependence for Independence.

  • Working Free constructs a bespoke programme, in close consultation with each client and based on online or live MasterClasses for each Delegate.


  • These include our introductory Working Free Gateway Suite MasterClasses – which we strongly recommend that every Delegate attends – followed by separate MasterClasses for specific Independent Career Options and for selected Support Topics. In this way, we are able to personalise the overall Programme for the individual needs of each Delegate. Full details of these differing Seminars can be found on this website – see tabs at the head of this page.
  • The bespoke programmes will set out details of participants, locations and timings of the MasterClasses, which generally last for three hours each.


  • Fees are based on a unit price (one Delegate on one MasterClass) reflecting the number of executives on the programme and how many MasterClasses are included in the Programme by the client. This is based on a minimum of five delegates and a practical working maximum of fifteen per MasterClass. The Pathfinder Programme is invoiced on a monthly basis for work delivered in that month. Full details available from [email protected].


  • After each event, Working Free reports on outcomes – mentioning no names – but enabling our client to assess value and determine future needs.


  • Our focus is on people – the way they operate and their career futures. Integral to this, of course, is the organisation – we are pleased to comment creatively on their resourcing methodologies and their thinking as regards people. Moving further into the Post-Brexit and (hopefully) the post-Covid era will present us all with a massive climate of change.  Driving this will inevitably be down to people.

2021 Working Free Limited · Call us on 08081 565604 · Message Us · 73 High Street, Newport Pagnell, Buckinghamshire, MK16 8AB United Kingdom Disclaimer: Working Free Ltd cannot accept any responsibility for any loss or disadvantage that may arise out of reliance on any opinions, material or introductions made through this website and all those making use of these services should take appropriate business and legal advice and conduct appropriate due diligence before making any commitments.


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