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Interim Management

Updated 07 November 2018


Interim Management is a specialist and relatively small sector, though growing very healthily. Why is this? Well, whilst traditionally seen as an ‘end of career’ option, this is definitely no longer the case. More and more senior are CHOOSING interim management, sometimes at the peak of their careers, for a whole host of reasons including challenge, variety, the opportunity to focus on what they love/are good at, as well as more personal ‘lifestyle’ reasons. Interim Management is much less nowadays about ‘holding the fort’ – temporarily filling in for gaps left by senior people (e.g. for maternity/paternity, sickness, leaving etc) and much more about delivering change (e.g. project/program delivery, turnaround, M&A, outsourcing).

Clients too are attracted more and more to interim management as they look for people with genuine experience, a strong track record and a focus on delivery. End -user satisfaction with interim management is very high.

In this Section of the WFL website, you can read about Interim Management – it’s definition, its positioning, how it works and how it fits in to the resourcing market. My aim is to help you decide if interim management is right for you and, if it is, to help you succeed.

Interim Management – an overview

Interim Management is an immensely satisfying career for some, but it’s not for everyone.

It’s often exciting, challenging, financially rewarding and can offer real variety. On the other hand, many may experience it as stressful, not least because without an assignment, you have no income!

To find out more about Interim Management and to help you decide if it is a viable career option for you, click the full screen icon on the below to start viewing:

SIMON BERRY – Interim Management Specialist

Simon is the lead for Interim Management within WFL. He has worked independently for over 22 years with clients in a wide variety of sectors. He has also helped over 1000 senior executives to forge successful careers in interim management.

  • Simon Berry
    Simon Berry
    Managing Director, Professional Performance Ltd

My aim

“My aim is to help you decide if interim management is right for you and, if it is, to help you succeed. I’ll be adding content, which I think you will find valuable as well as responding to your comments and emails about the subject”.

  • More info from [email protected]     This website offers many opportunities to email us – through the TTC facility. Additionally, you can always email us directly.
Overview, Key Points, and Content from the Technical Topic Partner

Key questions

Whilst you may have a myriad of questions, here are some of the most common. Some are probably more relevant only to those who have not yet made the leap into interim management, whereas others will undoubtedly be of interest to more seasoned campaigners.

  1. Interim Management definitions – the definition of Interim Management has changed and continues to change. In this section, you’ll find some of the history
  2. Remember, you are running a business. When you choose interim management as a career, you are actually choosing to run a professional services business with all that entails.
  3. What are Interim Management Providers? – Interim Management Providers are effectively agencies for those looking for interim managers. They are a very valuable route to market, but it pays to understand how they work in some depth, before approaching them.
  4. WFL’s List of primary Interim Management Providers. There are perhaps hundreds of companies purporting to be Interim Management Providers, though all are not equal in their commitment and professionalism.
  5. Annual Interim Management Survey. The Institute of Interim Management runs an annual survey, where Interim Managers can vote for their’favourite’ Interim Management Providers. The report gives the top 100 based on these votes.
  6. The Interim Management Market – size and research. It’s been notoriously difficult to get  anything authoritative about the size and breakdown of the interim market. By their nature Interim Managers are independent and don’t tend to report on what they are up to! This section gives the best indications based on what research there is.
  7. Business Planning & Strategy Just because it’s only you in the company doesn’t mean you don’t need a business plan!
  8. Marketing(Note 6.1.8)
  9. Selling and Networking –  (Note 6.1.9)
  10. Accounting & Financial and Personal Financial Management – as you will be running a business, it’s important to understand the financial implications

Winning Assignments Masterclass

Clearly, winning assignments is a critical success factor for any interim manager. Whether you are new to Interim Management looking for your first assignment or a seasoned campaigner looking for your next, this practical workshop will show you how to do so.

Places are limited to just eight per workshop so there will be plenty of opportunity to get your questions answered as well as get feedback on your approach.

For more details, click on the Register Now button.

Recommended Read
Phil Doggett - The Secrets of Interim Management

Phil Doggett’s new book “The Secrets of Interim Management

There are – and have been over the years – a number of books written about Interim Management – here’s probably the latest.  It’s well worth reading. To read it, you’ll need to buy it from Amazon – see below.

We think that Phil Doggett is typical of what is best about a successful Interim Manager– and he wrote this book when he “retired”  (in italics advisedly!) Other things may well have worked equally as well, but here he describes what has worked for him.

This is what Phil has to say about his book:- “The Secrets of Interim Management”, a new and unique handbook, has just been published. As the first of its kind, it is an invaluable guide for:

  • Aspiring interim managers
  • Interims just starting out
  • Established interim managers

It also gives valuable insight to those organisations considering using interim managers and those working in the interim industry.

The book is based on personal experience from a thirty-year career as an independent interim, covering over 40 separate assignments. It has three sections:

  • What interim management is about
  • How interim management works in practice
  • The Secrets of Interim Management

The book reveals:

  • The “50 Secrets of Interim Management”
  • The “ Essential Interim Assignment Criteria”
  •  The “10 Interim Daily Commandments”

The book is available now on Amazon. Follow this link: www.amazon.co.uk/Secrets-Interim-Management-Handbook/dp/1527210987

Phil Doggett would be pleased to receive any comments or questions that you might have on [email protected]

Relevant Websites

Relevant Websites to look at – and mentioned in this Section:-

  • REC.uk.com: The Recruitment & Employment Confederation – the de facto professional association of the recruitment Industry in the UK
  • interim-management.org.uk: The Interim Management Association – The professional association of the UK Interim Management industry and part of REC
  • iim.org.uk: The Institute of Interim Managers – The professional association of individual Interim Managers
  • Interim-Hub.com: The Interim hub – a source of info about Interim Management
  • apm.org.uk: The Association of Project Management  – one of the two UK membership organisations in the UK With 22k individual members and 590 corporate members
  • pmi.org.uk: The Project Management Institute  – one of the two UK membership organisations in the UK – this one being the UK arm of US global parent.  PMI has 3k UK members, mainly corporate
  • iconsulting.org.uk: The Institute of Management Consultants  – and part of the Institute of Management – see below
  • mca.org.uk: The Association of Management Consultancies – the UK professional body for management consulting firms
  • managers.org.uk: The Institute of Management – large, long established and well-known – but concerned with employees.  But certainly worth a look.
  • IPSE.co.uk: The Association of Independent Professionals and the Self Employed is the largest association of independent professionals in the EU. With 68k members, IPSE is a not-for-profit organisation owned and run by its members. It was previously known as The Professional Contractors Group, focusing on IT Contractors, still the bedrock of its membership

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Simon Berry
Managing Director, Professional Performance Ltd

I’m Simon Berry and I am delighted to lead this Working Free Technical Topic focussing on Interim Management. You can read more about me below.  I’ve known Charles Russam, Managing Director of Working Free for well over twenty years –and  both of us have been intimately involved in the early days of Interim Management as we know it and the in-between years when it developed and become a major resourcing option for all well-run organisations as well as a burgeoning number of talented individuals keen to create new personalised careers on top of their mainstream employed  careers.  Charles Russam and myself have equally as progressive ideas about the line of travel of the Interim Management Sector and are keen to share these with you.

My task is to chair the everyday processes of managing the Interim Management section of the Working Free website.  This includes helping to develop the content of this section on the WF website, overseeing all the Contributed Material that comes in, working with WF to decide how best to handle it and, importantly, answering any queries that you might have  – which, in some cases, might mean referring back to WF.

“Simon has worked as an interim manager, consultant, coach, facilitator, trainer and speaker for the past eighteen years. Prior to that he was a UK director of NCR Ltd, a global computer company.

His clients have spanned many industries including technology, financial services, government, NHS and professional services and include organisations such as Intel, SGI, HSBC, Cobham, Polycasa, Thomas International, RBoS, Ace (now Chubb) and many more.

In addition, he has worked with over 2500 interim managers and consultants to help them build successful independent careers.”

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