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Coaching & Mentoring

Introduction to the topic

Coaching & Mentoring

More and more organisations are bringing Coaches and Mentors into their Organisations.

It is a Sector that has been expanding rapidly over the past few years.  Responding to this, there has been a significant increase in Senior Executives becoming Coaches and Mentors.

Motives are a mix of wanting/needing to earn; or being attracted to Coaching and Mentoring as a professional activity – either full-time or part-time and being complementary to other  activities that they may have.  Some have moral, ethical or otherwise altruistic motives. Many want to maximise their personal contributions to ESG issues including Career Development activities for others.

These people have great knowledge, skills and experience that can be integrated within an expanding value adding market. Many have HR backgrounds and already have much of the knowledge and experience required for working independently in Coaching and Mentoring.


These three Working Free MasterClasses are aimed at these Professionals.  The aim is to provide a comprehensive signposted Guide of what Coaching/Mentoring means in practice.  The supporting content will help Delegates get a handle on what this could mean for them in career development terms.


To those who are looking at Coaching and/or Mentoring as their new career, we would say this:-

“You need to find out as much as you can before making any commitments. Thinking that you know enough can be a very dangerous mindset – as is going for the first option that looks viable! But, paradoxically, this is where you need to start.  Learning continuously is vital – and what your clients expect of you.”

In this key initiative, Working Free is  collaborating with Andy Maggs and Arema Ltd

Working Free very much values the support and professional involvement of Andy Maggs and Arema Ltd – www.arema.co.uk and colleagues as we jointly seek to empower a new generation of senior professionals in creating and developing their new careers as Independents specialising in Coaching & Mentoring.

Andy Maggs describes the five areas where this collaboration is of special value:-

  1. I and/or one or more of my colleagues at Arema are pleased to present Working Free’s jointly developed three MasterClasses. 
  2. We are able to respond to demands wherever and whenever the needs arise for Coaching & Mentoring Support within the Working Free community. These demands will fluctuate but when anyone is at a career crossroads faced with acquiring, absorbing and implementing new knowledge and skills in Coaching and Mentoring, our support will be available.  We know a lot about this Sector!  These needs will emerge as you move through the Working Free Programmes during the major decision-making stages of your new career.
  3. You may decide that a professional qualification is what you need.  We can help here.  We are accredited for the ILM Level 7 qualification. We work with many senior individuals in CPD areas.   Happy to tell you more.
  4. Needs will arise within our own Arema Client community for Client Coaching needs.  Sometimes, certain circumstances call for resources that require us to reach beyond our own Team. Let’s talk?  Arrangements of this type work well in our Sector

Please do get in touch with me for a discussion!  [email protected]

Overview & Key Points from the Delivery Partner

  • Andy Maggs
    Andy Maggs
    Delivery Partner

Our overall approach is based on our MasterClasses interacting with our comprehensive working website which covers, in a structured way, the planned programme of effective support to those taking part.  This is reached through our Learning Management System which includes copies of all slides and full Delivery Partner Notes.  This is reached through our Learning Management System and includes copies of all slides and full Delivery Partner Notes.  Access is available to Working Free Clients only and through an agreed Working Free Pathfinder Programme. More information please complete the form below and we will get in touch.

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Working Free Ltd cannot accept any responsibility for any loss or disadvantage that may arise out of reliance on any opinions, material or introductions made through this website and all those making use of these services should take appropriate business and legal advice and conduct appropriate due diligence before making any commitments.

Andy Maggs
Delivery Partner

I am Managing Director of Arema Limited (www.arema.com ) and I have a combination of executive coaching and mentoring alongside an extensive business leadership background. I have enjoyed, laughed, and struggled at times, during a ‘learning-rich’ career. In the past 20 years, I have established myself as a well-regarded coach. I have over 12,500 hours of professional coaching and mentoring. I have conducted coaching and mentoring assignments in the UK and across the globe. I have an MSc in Executive Coaching, am Ashridge Accredited internationally, a member of the European Mentoring and Coaching Council (EMCC) and an approved trainer for ILM level 5 and 7 coaching and mentoring certification qualifications.

Should you wish to contact me directly, please e-mail me at [email protected]

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