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31st October 2019

Working Free Introduction

This is a Technical Topic with a difference. You do not have to be innovative – but the ability to lead innovation is a key skill for senior and mid-level executives – particularly when operating on an independent basis.    This Technical Topic will enable you to become a much more creative and innovative practitioner in whatever you choose to do as an Independent. It teaches you to extend your creative horizons and to make better decisions.  It will increase your value to clients.

 This module will help you develop an Innovation Mindset.  It will equip you with knowledge important skills.


Introduction from Paul Sloane

Today, innovation is a critical item on the senior executive agenda in every organization – large or small, public or private.  The pace of change, competitive pressure and technology advances all mean that just doing a good job with the current business model is not enough.  To survive and prosper companies have to continually find new and better ways to deliver the products and service that their customers want.  It is vital that you are up to date with the trends and techniques involved in leading innovation.

Technical Topic Partner

We are delighted to welcome Paul Sloane as Working Free’s Technical Topic Partner on Innovation

  • Paul Sloane
    Paul Sloane
    Keynote Speaker

[email protected]

Next Steps

Next Steps for YOU

  • Read through our material about Definitions. You need to position yourself, your thinking and your next practical steps as an Independent Professional. How can you use the need for innovation to your advantage?
  • As part of this Process, go through the self-help questions.
  • Contribute to the interactive debate if you wish.
  • Book your place on one or more of Paul Sloane’s Innovation Workshops. (Mostly London Based.) Please email: [email protected]  Setting out Which programme(s) you would like to go on and general availability.  We will liaise with you about arrangements. – which may be for Paul Sloane’s open courses or special Working Free courses.


Much of what you will read in this Technical Topic Section on Innovation is based on Paul Sloane’s website.


You can contact Paul on [email protected]  Paul’s website is built around his four product areas – Speaking – Master Classes – Videos – Articles.  Listen to his speeches and talks if you get the opportunity.   Watch his videos.  Read his articles. And find out about his Master Classes in Lateral Thinking and the Leadership of Innovation and his Ideas Workshops.  Working Free also has its own version of this Programme.


Here are some of his articles:

What is the Difference between Creativity and Innovation?

The Innovative Leader Paints an ABC Vision

The Innovation Sophistication Index

Innovation means creating the best practices of tomorrow.

This is how Wikipedia defines Innovation.


Innovation in its modern meaning is “a new idea, creative thoughts, new imaginations in form of device or method”. Innovation is often also viewed as the application of better solutions that meet new requirements, unarticulated needs, or existing market needs.


Do Google searches on these four areas – it should  contribute to your understanding of “Innovation.”


Innovation · ‎Disruptive innovation · ‎Innovation management · ‎Open innovation

Study these Questions.  Being able to answer them in ways that you would regard as thorough is a great start. Otherwise, email [email protected].co.uk and review how your requirements might best be addressed.

  • Are we innovative?  How can we measure our innovation capability?
  • How can we create a culture which fosters creativity and innovation?
  • What is impeding innovation in our business today?
  • What processes do we need to put in place to identify problems, analyse problems and spot opportunities?
  • How can we generate enough ideas?
  • Should we use Ideas Scheme software?
  • How can we select the best ideas?
  • What is an innovation incubator and who is using them?
  • What are leading companies doing in the field of innovation?
  • What is Open Innovation and how can we use it?
  • What is a Minimum Viable Product?
  • What is crowdsourcing and how is it used?
  • Can we use gamification to drive innovation?
  • What are the best metrics to measure progress?

Choosing the Workshops and Seminars to attend.


This is the full range of Seminars and Workshops promoted by www.Destination-Innovation.com

  • Masterclasses in Lateral Think and the Leader
  • Advanced Brainstorming and Techniques
  • Creativity Training
  • Innovation Workshop
  • Creative Leadership
  • Open Innovation Workshop
  • Creative Selling
  • Creative Business Reviews
  • Ideas Workshop
  • Spontaneous Creativity Workshop
  • Lateral Leadership
  • The Mindful Manager Programme


Mostly, these Workshops and Seminars are bought by Corporates as opposed to Individuals.  Paul Sloane has developed special Programmes for Working Free.

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Paul Sloane
Keynote Speaker

Paul Sloane gained a first class degree in Engineering from Cambridge University. He came top of Sales School at IBM. He went on to become a Marketing Director, Managing Director and CEO of software companies.

He has written over 20 books which have sold over 2 million copies in total. His most popular book is Lateral Thinking Puzzlers which has sold over 300,000 copies and been translated into many languages. His top business book is The Leader’s Guide to Lateral Thinking Skills.

He runs leadership master classes on lateral thinking and innovation with top corporations around the world, including Nike, Unilever, Microsoft and Novartis. He has been a visiting lecturer at Cambridge University, Lancaster University, Henley Business School and the Mumbai Institute of Technology. His Tedx talk is available on Youtube. It is entitled ‘Are your Open-Minded?’

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