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Interim Management is a niche sector within the working population in the UK.

It is characterised by being non-permanent (in the generally understood way) and off-payroll (in a very modern way). It is important to see Interim Management as just a small and specialist part of the 45% of the 32m total working population of the UK who are NOT full time permanent employees on someone’s payroll. Please read about the “Self Drive Worker” in Section 4.

Read the full guide to Interim Management here

Further reading

In the Interim Management section of the WFL website you can read more about it’s definition, its positioning, how it works and how it fits in to the resourcing market. Your task is to decide on your “Professional Product”; work out how to position it, develop and sell it and to whom and how to make it work for you.

We are delighted that Simon Berry has accepted our invitation to be our Technical Topic Partner. This fits in neatly with Simons overall professional practice.

“Simon has worked as an interim manager, consultant, coach, facilitator, trainer and speaker for the past eighteen years. Prior to that he was a UK director of NCR Ltd, a global computer company.

His clients have spanned many industries including technology, financial services, government, NHS and professional services and include organisations such as Intel, SGI, HSBC, Cobham, Polycasa, Thomas International, RBoS, Ace (now Chubb) and many more.”

Read the full guide to Interim Management here

At Working Free Ltd, we aim to be a leading web-based UK Enabling Provider of career, professional and business development information to Director-level Independent Workers in the UK. Our primary aim is to support the senior Executive coming out of permanent employment. Our service offering will also be helpful to established senior level Independent workers who are keen to upscale their effectiveness.



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