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Section 6: Technical Topics

Supporting Director-level Independents

Introduction to the topics

In this Section, we seek to identify and break down into individual and detailed “Technical Topics” the broad range of relevant aspects and elements in the process of operating successfully as an Independent.

With the support of Technical Topics Partners – engaged for each adopted Technical Topic – we work with them to create a core of relevant information, primarily by linking with external sources of relevant information but also by inviting independent interested parties  – styled Technical Topics Contributors – to submit Contributions.  In this way, the process of continuously updated material, supported by judicious editing from the Centre, should prove to be helpful to the growing number of senior business and professional people now working remotely from the formal employee/ payroll model.

Our expanding range of Technical Topics is set out here – as are the profiles of our Technical Topics Partners – all of whom are successful and experienced Practitioners in their chosen areas.

  1. The Foundation Module- How To Get the Best out of Working Free, Career Choices: How to Approach your Next step ( Including Transition Road Map), the Self- Driven Worker, Self- Employment and How to approach the market ( Including Self Employment Road Map- How to get started). Charles Russam and Chris Dunn


  1. Accounting and Tax: What to think through and get right for the Independent life cycle:  Start Up-Growth- Maturity. Colin Howe


  1. Charity Trustees:  Everything you need to know about becoming a Trustee and about staying at the “Top Of Your Game”. Sophie Livingstone.


  1. Interim Management: What it is/what it is not, how best to approach the market, what are the critical things to consider, applying for Interim roles, what success looks like, wisdoms from the market. Simon Berry


  1. Making The Transition To Become A Successful Independent: Thinking It Through ( 4 Key Transition Exercises) and Setting yourself Up for Success ( 3 Self Employment Modules). This includes how to best develop and support yourself and how to get the best out of the Working Free innovative approach to “supporter” coaching- “it’s good to Talk! The Supporters Guide”. Chris Dunn


  1. Law Matters: The typical legal points to consider on Start Up but also at growth stages plus typical scenarios potentially requiring legal input e.g. terms and conditions, NDA’s, partner agreements, contracts for specific services etc. Andrew James.


  1. Networking– What it is/what it is not, mind-set and philosophy, what effective networking is all about, networking tips and techniques, skill/behaviours, do’s and don’t’s. Judith Perle.


  1. Non- Executive Directorships. The NED market place? What is a Non-Executive Director Role all about? Responsibilities / legal obligations- the context in which NED roles operate? Becoming a Non-Executive Director- key things to consider: motivation, skills/behaviours/relationship sought/ expectations and “matching” with the brief? Opportunities and challenges? Sharon Constancon.


  1. Turnarounds– Defining the market and the different types of turnaround scenarios, acquiring contracts, getting the brief right and then matching expectations and yourself to it, negotiating terms/ delivery options/milestones etc. The Turnaround market consists of several subsets. David Bryan


  1. Innovation– Winning and being successful is based, of course, on getting the right things right. The business model needs to be right and be delivered well. But, so often, much will depend that that little detail; that something a bit extra; something different – all of which goes together to make a demonstrable success.  Let’s call it Innovation. Paul Sloane

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