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How we work with our Corporate Clients

Changes in the workplace have been happening for a long time – but have now arrived is a rush. Covid has glued these trends together. Individuals have a new importance. For a growing number of Corporates, this is not a challenge.  It is an unprecedented opportunity.  This is what Working Free does..

Our overall Pathfinder Programme consists of an expanding range of one-hour MasterClasses -originating from our three Discovery Suite MasterClasses into five (currently) Independent Career Options MasterClasses and  five (currently) Support Topics that focus on the specific skills needed to build a successful Independent Practice.

Supporting all this – and responding to demand – we deliver Follow-Up Groups,  Workshops supporting our MasterClasses and Working Free Strategy Groups as the Working Free approach to corporate  community building.

Please see the Schematic – that follows here – itemising our total and integrated product offering.

The sort of client we like best ………………..

……..is the one who understands the major changes around people taking place in the workplace, the interactivity in all the variables, the uncertain outcomes and the need to avoid being taken by surprise!  This is where Working Free operates.  Working Free sees the line of travel as based on gradualness and is continuous, avoiding quick fixes.  Working Free acknowledges that we are just as good as the last MasterClass we delivered. 

Getting Started and Navigating

If you’d like to take matters further, let’s talk. No commitment.

If the idea appeals – and you fancy testing it out- we would meet – enabling us to put together a Project Proposal, if you wished us to. Again – no commitment.

Initially – this should start with the Discovery Suite.  This looks at the overall area of independent working.  All the other MasterClasses are dependent on the Discovery Suite and focus on specifics.

How to use the Pathfinder Programme

  • The Discovery Suite is where you should normally start. This looks at the overall Independent Working Sector. Those with some actual experience of Independent Working may elect NOT to start here -and that is a judgement to be made.  But it is an oft-recurring thought amongst many senior people that it is the same – or very similar – to permanent employment.  Dangerous assumption!
  • All  other MasterClasses are dependent on the Discovery Suite, but picking up matters which are specifically relevant to that particular topic.   This obviates the need for Repetition although some Repetition is inevitable and/or necessary.
  • On the fringes of Repetition – and also to be noted – is that some subject matter can be relevant to many areas. (EG: Pricing is a key component in all Career Options and elsewhere and in any of the three MasterClasses for each Career Choice.  Pricing is also a MasterClass in its own right – a Support Topic.)
  • After this, you can choose, at will, what other MasterClasses you would like attend.
  • It is worth remembering that, for so many, Independent Working will be very new and finding out as much as you can about anything and everything at this time is invaluable, faced with potentially life-changing decisions that are about to be made


Working Free would then construct a bespoke programme, in close consultation with each client and based on online or live or hybrid MasterClasses for each Delegate. We refer to this as a “ WFL Project” – and give it a number.  The bespoke programmes will set out details of participants, locations and timings of the MasterClasses.  We would make all the arrangements and, after agreement, deliver as planned..

Detailed content includes copies of all Powerpoint slides and full Delivery Partner Notes and is available only to Clients through our LMS system.

Delivery is available online or LIVE onsite or as structured recordings  which can be viewed by clients whenever they want and how they want.


What Delegates get out of the Pathfinder Programme is a bespoke Programme based on the selected One Hour MasterClass Powerpoint presentations followed by password-enabled access to the Learning Management System’s detailed Speaker Notes supporting the Powerpoint slides. All this is continuously updated -unlike a book or similar – which starts to be  out of date from the moment it is created.

After each Project, specific queries can be addressed by Working Free’s Follow-Up Groups whilst a more comprehensive approach is through the standing invitation to join a Working Free Strategy Group. (Read more here).  It is Personal Networking at its best.

 Post Event Reviews

After each MasterClass, Working Free reports on outcomes – mentioning no names – but enabling our client to assess value alongside any other comments that may have reached them directly – and determine future needs. We are only as good as our last MasterClass.


The Project and Fees are based on a unit price for each MasterClass. The ideal number of Delegates is between 6 and 12. Although we are happy to run it with at least two Delegates The Pathfinder Programme is invoiced on a monthly basis for work delivered in that month and payment should be made at the end of the following month of MasterClass Delivery.. Full details available from [email protected].

Working Free Terms of Business will be attached to the Project Proposal – or earlier by request.

We also work with Individuals directly around whose requirements we can build bespoke Programmes click HERE for more information

Our Philosophy

We are interested in creating – or better still – joining Original Thinking conversations with any Organisations that have a general interest in the broad sweep of change happening within the workplace involving primarily people at senior levels.

We constantly refer to the world of the Self-Drive Worker – with its echoes of Samuel Smiles.

(Self Drive Workers are those NOT full-time on a payroll – everything else. Samuel Smiles wrote the best ever book on how individuals can make the best of themselves.  He wrote a book called Self-Help.  It was a best seller.  He self-published it in 1859. Working Free contends that against an overall total UK working population of 32m (Office of national Statistics) approaching half are Self Drive Workers.

There is much that is new – ground-breaking – with Working Free and we happy to be seen as “missionaries” just as much as providers of recognised HR-orientated professional services – albeit with major differences.  We are certain that what we do in Working Free will move increasingly mainstream from now on. Working Free and our partner, Devonshire House Network, have much material about all this and we would be happy to share it this with you. We are happy to talk!

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