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Pathfinder Programme for Individuals

We also work with Individuals around whose requirements we can build bespoke Programmes

The Working Free Business Model is built around the needs of Organisations.  This is primarily because

  • only Corporates can provide enough Delegates per MasterClass to ensure viability
  • ……….. and also – assuming they like what they see – continuity of demand.
  • Also, if you look at how Working Free defines its Purpose and its Market, Client Organisations have as much as Individuals to gain from working with Working Free – and, in many areas – more to gain.
  • Group sizes of between 5 and 10 are more attractive and effective for the Individuals – and also for our Corporate Client

We explain these gains and attractions on our website.  Mostly they are around the best handling of multiple changing people relationships, circumstances and sentiments – and their attendant efficiencies.  These are – today –  driven by the complex interactions between Covid, Tech, ESG and, to some extent, Brexit on people and on Organisations. We use the word “today” as much of this did  not exist “yesterday”.

However, we are keen to work with Individuals.  Because everything to do with Working Free is about Independent Working.

To achieve this, we adapt our Corporate Model.

We start with a conversation. We would talk about background, arrangements and ToB including Pricing. We would say to you that you should make a provisional booking for the three MasterClasses of the Discovery Suite. When we get to five, we will seek to agree a date that suits everyone who has signed on – reflecting a minimum of five and up to a maximum of ten – for the online Presentations on one hour each. After this, we would be pleased to discuss next steps arrangements – including Pricing.

We can also provide one-on-one arrangements with one of our Delivery Partners.  However, our preference is for Groups.  It is altogether more appealing for the constituent members of a Group.  There are also pricing advantages.

Through our Pathfinder programme Working Free can help you tap into the knowledge, the experience, the issues and the challenges towards making a sound judgement and, maybe, a new and fulfilling and, maybe, unexpected, phase in your career.

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