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Spearheading our Pathfinder Programme are the three MasterClasses of the Discovery Suite.  This is where our story starts – followed by all our growing range of Independent Career Options, Support Topics and Free Access Support Topics  dovetail into this.

The Discovery Suite contains virtually all the overall material that is common to all our MasterClasses. The other MasterClasses focus on the specific topic.

Our recommendation is that all clients start with the Discovery Suite – and then decide what comes next.   The only hurry is your hurry.  You could spend months working your way through the Pathfinder Programme – or whatever suits you.  Our vision is that Employers and Employees collaborate in the same Mission.  In many ways, this is what is now new.

Discovery Suite MasterClass 1 Agenda

Working Independently

  1. Introduction to the Discovery Programme
  2. Who is this Gateway Suite MasterClass for?
  3. Independent Career Options and Support Topics
  4. Taking Advice
  5. The Self Employed Market
  6. Self Drive Workers
  7. Entrepreneurs
  8. Working Free checklist for Independents
  9. Independent Working Characteristics
  10. About Client Management
  11. More about Client Management
  12. Summing Up
  13. A personal view from Charles Russam

Discovery Suite MasterClass 2 Agenda

Developing and Delivering your Personal Professional Product

All About ME!

  • Personal Profile……… including Finance
  • Professional Profile………… and psychometrics
  • Decisions about my Future……
  • Key Elements in Independent Working
  • How do I check progress? (Yes – a good question!)

All About Everyone

  • Entrepreneurship- what is an Entrepreneur?
  • What makes a good Consultant?
  • Working Free – Career Options’ and Support Topics
  • Your Business Plan – Suggested Approach
  • What is my “Product?”– The fundamental Question.
  • Business Models.
  • Pricing
  • Differentiation
  • Getting Help – One-on-one Advice
  • Next Steps. GO or NO GO

Discovery Suite MasterClass  3 Agenda

How to win Work!

  • What does Planning Your Business mean?
  • A reminder ……………..Your Business Plan – The Working Free Approach
  • Deciding your aspirational income – Some figures
  • Why do we start with Aspirational income – What do the figures mean?
  • Should you be more modest in your Income Aspirations?
  • Introducing Working Free’s Chart of Accounts
  • The Business Plan – things to bear in mind
  • The Business Plan – An ideal structure
  • Your Sales & Marketing Plan – Winning Business and Growing Customer Relations
  • General Comments
  • Your Marketing Headlines Plan
  • Your Tactical Marketing Plan
  • Financials & IT
  • What Working Free can do to help

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