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Delivery Formats

Working Free Delivery Formats

Virtually all our MasterClasses are available Live OnSite or OnLine or OnDemand Formats – and delivered through our Learning Management System and by specialist Delivery Partners.

We offer additional bespoke Follow-On MasterClasses for those who ask for them.  We invite all those who have attended our Programme to join our Working Free Strategy Groups – an expanding and valuable continuity arrangement – for those who want to keep in touch in a collegiate, productive and creative way – a sort of mix of Alumni Group and usual MasterMind Format.

OnSite Events take place generally at our Clients’ facilities or elsewhere at their choice, if more appropriate.  Even with all the changes of the last three years, nothing beats face-to-face encounters.

OnLine Events do the same job but with attendees logging in from wherever they choose at the appointed time.  They do lack the face-to-face element but  are easier to arrange and are more flexible and, often, more immediate.

OnDemand  “Self Paced Learning” includes video recordings and masterclass content that can be accessed individually whenever and from wherever the Client chooses.  This arrangement appeals to those who work best at unsocial hours, like dipping in and out and appreciate repeat visits.

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