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WorkingFree is a specialist career advisory business supporting senior Director-level executives coming off the permanent payroll into an independent working lifestyle.

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An introduction to Working Free Ltd

Supporting Organisations and Senior Executives moving into an independent working lifestyle.

WorkingFree work with Organisations transitioning senior managers into effective independent working outside the company. These entrepreneurial skillsets, attitudes and behaviours are often also seen as attractive – indeed necessary – commercial attributes required in senior areas of the business and we are pleased to help in these cases.  We also work directly with Individuals, in making this transition or seeking to upscale their professional effectiveness.

We coach our clients from dependency into independency – for their own future; for the enlightened reputation of their sponsoring organisations and – increasingly – for the benefit of the community.

Our offering for Organisations can be delivered online or onsite as described in our Pathfinder Programme. This depends on what is permissible and/or what is deemed to work best.

We also work with Individuals who can attend regular Masterclass and Mastermind Groups as published on upcoming events section of our website.

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We present WorkingFree as a unique offering in a busy and increasingly important market.

Its uniqueness comes from having free access to an expanding, interactive and online resource of both generic and specific information and advice and unique from being able to work with experienced sector professionals.

All Corporates have their own internal Development Programmes for their senior peopleThese include helping their senior and Director-Level Managers in whatever they do next in their careers – mostly at the point of exit but, increasingly pre-exit and very often post-exit. Turning employees into Partners is how many see the process. Our Pathfinder Programme  – and very often funded by their last employer- is for those who want to do their own thing; to develop a portfolio career and to reshape their lifestyles around changing circumstances.  Some simply fancy the idea.  Some want to keep working.  Some need to keep earning.

With its continuously updated material and supported by judicious editing from the Centre, Working Free is an exciting and innovative niche product within this broader market.

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2021 Working Free Limited · Call us on 08081 565604 · Message Us · 73 High Street, Newport Pagnell, Buckinghamshire, MK16 8AB United Kingdom Disclaimer: Working Free Ltd cannot accept any responsibility for any loss or disadvantage that may arise out of reliance on any opinions, material or introductions made through this website and all those making use of these services should take appropriate business and legal advice and conduct appropriate due diligence before making any commitments.

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